The Iron Huddle Episode 12: Strongman Brad Neitzel

Episode 9 we are proud to bring you the Big, Bad and Rad -Brad of all trades! -Brad Neitzel @kindafatkindastrong -

What drives a strength athlete to pursue a 900lb deadlift? -

we had the opportunity to hear what type of dedication, desire and discipline it takes over years of consistency to not only reach current goals but pursue new ones that you never before may have thought were even possible. -

Big Brad is a fresh dose of humble aggression. We hope you value this conversation as much as we did. -

Brad has competed in motocross, Bodybuilding, Powerlifting and currently training for nationals in Strongman competition. He's not only a competitor but Brad also coaches athletes in Powerlifting, Strongman and Special Olympics. -

When he's not deadlifting a semi, he's also a licensed Chiropractor and loyal Dogfather! We learned a lot with Brad, make sure to listen in and tell us what you took away from it

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